Islamic Fundamentalism, Methodology, and their goals in the context of India.

“Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” (Koran 9:5)

HINDU TEMPLES WERE ATTACKED in many parts of the country on Chaitra Navratri and Ram Navami this year. These attacks were done in a well-planned and systematic manner. What was the reason for such attacks? These riots are just a glimpse of the events of history.

CHAITRA NAVRATRI:- The festival of Navratri is celebrated twice a year. The Hindu New Year also begins with Navratri, in the month of Chaitra (hence, the name CHAITRA Navratri). Chaitra Navratri is celebrated for nine-days.

RAM -NAVMI:- One of the holiest festivals of Hindus. As Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of Christ, in the same way, Hindus have an ancient tradition of celebrating Ram Navami as the birthday of Lord Shri Ram.

LET US BISMILLAH (start of a task)

A Muslim youth, Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi, attacked security personnel guarding India’s famous Gorakhnath temple. Two security personnel were seriously injured. The Muslim youth was chanting the slogan of Allah o Akbar. (Allah is the greatest ) This was the beginning of a series of Islamic attacks on Hindu temples. Security force personnel tried to capture Murtaza alive at the place of the shooting and were successful. Preliminary investigations found evidence of Murtaza’s connection to ISIS through the Internet. Investigations of Murtaza’s bank account revealed that money has also been sent to Syria from his account several times. Murtaza was brainwashed by the internet. He was struggling to bring Islamic rule to India and was ready to make any sacrifice for his goal. He is another example of the fast-growing internet jihad in the Islamic world. The return of radical Islamic rule in Afghanistan has no doubt raised the spirits of the hardline Muslims of India, but due to this victory, the Islamic extremists are also making it easier to recruit new people to their gang.

What message do radical Muslims want to give by killing Hindus across the country and looting temples on the holy festival of Ram Navami? What message do the fundamentalist Muslims tried to give who raised slogans of raping Hindu women after the temples were set on fire? Is this an attempt to repeat history? Is this an attempt to spread Islamic terrorism (Jihad) in South Asia? Is this attack an attempt to show the superiority of Islam over other religions?

a. Hardcore Muslims of India strongly believe in the supremacy of Islam.

b. Hardcore Muslims are always eager to initiate violence.

c- Most of the Muslims of India also believe in the concept of the Caliphate nation like the Muslims of other countries of the world.

dInternet Jihad is now spreading its wings in India too.

Robert Smith, Aurangzeb’s Mosque at Varanasi, 1814. Watercolor on paper

Aurangzeb Mosque or Alamgir Mosque Varanasi. The meaning of the name Alamgir is Conqueror of the world. This name is generally used for Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb had demolished an ancient Vishnu temple on the banks of the Ganges. This mosque was built at the same place from the ruins of that temple.


Islamic superiority according to theology

DOUBLE STANDARDS:- Believers and Non-believers should be treated unequally. Allah says this himself in the Quran.


KAFIR:- The word Kafir is commonly used by Muslims in abusive language. “But in Shariah, it is a legal term. According to Shariah, he who is not a Muslim is a Kafir.” Fatawa-i-Rizvia.

“O Prophet, urge the faithful to fight. If there are twenty among you with determination they will vanquish two hundred; if there are a hundred then they will slaughter a thousand unbelievers, for the infidels are a people devoid of understanding.” (Koran 8:65)

The Muslims of India completely believe in the supremacy of Islam. The Muslims of India cannot turn their back on what is written in the Quran. The things written in the Quran, according to them are the orders of Allah and it is the ultimate duty of every Muslim to follow these orders literally. To maintain the superiority of Islam over other religions, Muslims repeatedly attack not only on religious places of other religions but also on modern democracy and the democratic system.

Ordinary Indian Muslims and the pride of being superior

In the year 1194, Islamic invaders destroyed almost all major Hindu temples in Varanasi( the holiest city of Hindus) and mosques were built over Hindu temples. I spent almost three months in Varanasi searching for ruins of temples demolished in 1194, during which I interacted with hundreds of Muslims. Almost all Muslims consider themselves descendants of foreign Islamic invaders. (While most of them have converted to Islam in some specific point in time.)

Every Muslim considers himself of a winning race and Hindus a cowardly community. He has the evidence to prove his point.
An old Muslim man showed me a Mughal era building and said that this building is a witness of Islamic superiority. I immediately questioned, “But,Why ?” He replied, “Look at the carvings on the walls of this building, see the strength”, I then counter responded by saying that there were many ruins in the city, which are more beautiful and stronger than this building which were built before the Islamic civilization. I wanted to draw the attention of the old Muslim to some pre-Islamic remains found in Banaras. The old Muslim laughed and said you don’t know, the ruins and pillars you are talking about are not all before the Islamic civilization, but the beginning of the Islamic civilization.
All these buildings and there pillars were built by the jinns who came to India with the Sultan’s army. Jinns (supernatural creatures in Islamic mythology and theology.)

Islam gives a very narrow interpretation of history. Muslims deny to accept the history of thousands of years before the religion of Islam came to India. An ordinary Indian Muslim wants to accept history only as a document of the victory of Islam.


The concept of the first attack is taken from the Qur’an.

In a conflict with another religion at any level, Islamists follow Qur’anic concept of war They want to take full advantage of the first attack. Their first goal is to create fear in the heart of the enemy and the greater the fear, the greater the chance of winning the battle.


“The infidels should not think that they can get away from us.
Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can
master so that you may terrorize them. They are your enemy
and Allah’s enemy.” (Koran 8:59)


On the festival of Ramnavami, the Islamic mobs setting the temples on fire repeatedly shouted that now the rape of Hindu women should be started. Believers in Islam have successfully used rape of Hindu women as a weapon many times in the modern history of India.

1947 – At the time of the partition of India-Pakistan.
1971 – At the time of the creation of Bangladesh
During the separatist movement in Kashmir
Even today in Muslim majority cities in West Bengal.


“It is permissible to have sexual intercourse with the female captive. Allah the almighty said: ‘[Successful are the believers] who guard their chastity, except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, for then they are free from blame[Koran 23:5-6].”

“If she is a virgin, he [her master] can have intercourse with her immediately after taking possession of her. However, if she isn’t, her uterus must be purified [first]….

C. Caliphate

At the time of India’s independence, many prominent Muslim leaders were of the opinion that the independence of India meant the rule of Hindus. As a result, many Muslim leaders of India appealed to the Afghan government of that time to invade India and establish an Islamic state here. Many Muslim leaders of India were in favor of a colony of an Islamic nation rather than an independent and sovereign nation. As a child, I have seen posters of Saddam Hussein being put up by Muslim shopkeepers during the Gulf War. In France, if a magazine publishes a funny cartoon of Muhammad, there is a protest on the streets of India, and government property is set on fire. Islam is a unique ideology that does not fit into the modern concept of nationalism. Similarly, the modern concept of Liberty, Freedom also does not match with Islamic ideology. According to the concept of Islam, freedom means religious rule.


“This is a war of ideologies as much as it is a physical war. And just as the physical war must be fought on the battlefield, so too must the ideological war be fought in the media .” (Nasser Balochi , member of ISIS’s social media team)

Smartphones are being used by fanatics as an information grenade. There are thousands of Islamic groups active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. who are engaged in brainwashing Islamic youths day and night. Due to social media people may soon be sorted on the basis of opinion and religion. From one room, one can spread their hate message to the entire world in a few seconds with a tool that fits in the palm of his hands. This is quite different from the 1980s when Islamic organizations had to publish magazines to run their propaganda or distribute video cassettes to madrassas and mosques. Zakir Naik, a famous Islamic thinker of India, continued to invite people to Jihad as an Islamic preacher for a long time. On behalf of India’s oldest political party Congress, he was called the messiah of Hindu-Muslim unity, when his reality was exposed, he fled from India, even today the number of followers of Zakir Naik is in lakhs.


India has no option but to win. Islamic fundamentalism cannot be defeated in a day, it requires long-term plans.

Intruders should be completely stopped

Bangladeshi and Rohingya Muslims who have illegally infiltrated India, have a large number of people involved in the incidents of robbery, rape, and kidnapping in India.
Such people have a long criminal history, they are always trying to carry out criminal incidents by colluding with local criminals.
In any Hindu-Muslim conflict or Islamic procession, they get involved for a small amount of money. Cab bills, NRC bills are the need of the moment. There should also be a provision for strict action against the local people who give shelter to the infiltrators, and such people should be given long sentences under the new law.

All the taxpayers of India should raise their voices against this infiltration. These infiltrators are eating taxpayers’ money like termites and making the country hollow. The money that hardworking people give to the government in the form of taxes cannot be wasted on such people.

Mullah, Masjid, Madrasa Alliance

A common Muslim thinks only what the clerics of Madrasa and Masjid put in his mind. The policy of Muslim appeasement adopted by the Congress government for vote bank now needs to be stopped. Immediate action is needed by identifying the madrassas spreading hatred. Once WikiLeaks also disclosed the huge amount of funds received from Saudi Arabia in mosques of India. according to WikiLeaks, some mosques, madrasas, and educational institutions of India had received seventeen hundred crore rupees from Saudi Arabia for the propagation of radical Islamic ideology. The state and central governments also need to keep a close watch on money transactions from madrasas and mosques.

There is no difference between radical Islamic ideology and Islamic terrorism. Radical Islamic ideology is not limited to the followers of Islam, or to a particular geographical area. India is a multi-religious, multi-language, and diverse country, any kind of fundamentalist ideology can create instability in the society here.

An impartial interpretation of history is essential.

The history of India after independence has been written by the Marxist gang. This is completely fake. Marxists devoted the history of India to one ideology. Red terrorists left no stone unturned in glorifying Islamic imperialism.
Islam is a peace-loving religion. Religious fanaticism has no place in Islam???????? What is the basis for writing and stating these things? This may be a political statement, maybe it is also correct from the point of view of vote bank politics and Muslim appeasement, but is this propaganda capable of explaining Indian history ???
If a person has studied the history of India only in the courses of schools and universities, that is he has only read the Marxist interpretation of the history of India, then he knows absolutely NOTHING and if SOMETHING then that is also FALSE. The time has come to bury the fictional historiography of Marxists just like their out-of-date ideas. History should be explained on the basis of truth and not on the basis of Marxism.


1.THE KORAN (N.J DAWOOD Best known for translation of The Koran)

2.The Qur’anic concept of war (Brig. S.K.Mallick)

3.GOD’S TERRORISTS The Wahhabi Cult and the Hidden Roots of Modern Jihad (CHARLES ALLEN )




Deoband: Root of terrorism in South Asia

Modern Islamic terrorism has its roots in the Wahhabi ideology. This ideology of Arabia then also came to India.(Deoband ,Saharanpur seventy five miles north of Delhi) Today this imported ideology has poisoned the whole South-Asia. Terrorism is not only getting strengthened by this ideology but remains the biggest obstacle in the way of Muslims eager to join the mainstream of India.

Announcement of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

THIS IS OUR MESSAGE TO ALL MUSLIM BROTHERS:- Today jihad is an obligation for all Muslim men and women; an obligation upon them, upon their wealth, and upon their sons. These infidels came to our country to destroy our Islam. If you call yourself a Muslim, come and work for Islam. The infidels are lying to you when they say they are giving you assistance. Be sure, they are never truthful in what they say. Never believe them. They are the sons of Satan. If anyone helps these infidels in any way, that person is an infidel, and that person will be given the death sentence. Quickly withdraw your hand of support for the government. If anyone does not withdraw their support, they will be sentenced under Sharia law. Do not go to school. If anyone goes to school they will be sentenced under Sharia law. If anyone shaves their beards, or cuts it shorter than Sharia rules, and if anyone goes to a dog fight, or if a driver takes them to a dog fight, they will face a very strong sentence. You must grow opium; this is a jihad against the infidels, and be sure that no one can eradicate your fields.

Government members should be beheaded, and their property should be looted.

Mosque in Zangabad February 2006 (THE WRONG ENEMY – CARLOTTA GALL)

2021:- An Afghan woman posted a despondent tweet to her American friend.

“The Taliban are clearly visible from the window. Every house is being carefully searched. Women who worked in the media and government offices of the former government are facing rape, forced marriage with Afghan terrorists and the death penalty”. waiting for turn——

Do any of these words reflect the effect of time? Whereas there is a gap of fifteen years between the two statements. Radical Islam acts like an eraser, or has been doing so. It is opposed to the changes that take place over time. Islam is committed to sending the whole world to the time of Muhammad. This is completely different from the the theory that science has proposed(Time never stops it is unstoppable and also constantly changing). It is an unscientific but an extremely powerful force of belief and ideology. Fanaticism and beliefs can mislead the speed of time. Or fanaticism and belief want to swindle time to their advantage. This is one of the few disadvantages of globalization of the world. Ideology, disease can take over the whole world in a very short amount of time. The events of Corona and 9/11 have proved this. Now it would not take centuries for the plague to come from Europe to South Asia. In the same way, Islam which came out of Arabia and reached Spain and Sindh (now part of Pakistan) would not take years. 9/11 – American travelers, American planes, American buildings, pilots educated in American universities just Islamic ideology and a world power was on his knees.

No weapon can stand against any ideology. Ideology can use any object as a weapon according to the time. Islamic fundamentalists are very well aware of this.


Concept of jihad involved using all means possible : “All aspects of life are a battlefield . For him, the rifle, the airplane, ideology ,and the economy were all weapons . Islam has the power and the capability to establish an international regime on the foundations of Islamic justice. He also hoped that he could witness this victory: He envisioned the struggle leading to the worldwide spread of Islamic belief: “Islam has the power and the capability to establish an international regime on the foundations of Islamic justice. ” He also hoped that he could witness this victory:—– I seek that Allah the highest will provide us with comfort by giving us the privilege to see the realization of the fate of the dominant infidel nations of the West, and that he will bring joy to our hearts, and those of our descendants, by our witnessing the fall of these entities that took control over the Muslims…and I plead with him to take revenge. Allah will take revenge against the tyrants with his sword in this world and in the world to come. (Hatred’s Kingdom – Dore Gold)

Revenge against non-Muslims is not just a word, it does not describe the action of personal vendetta, but in this act of revenge, there is an idea of ​​complete destruction of non-Islamic culture. The radical Islamic vision of the future is hidden in this revenge action. . Revenge is actually an Islamic industry. This retaliation includes the killing of the enemy (no doubt non-Muslim). Interest in business is a dirty concept. This notion is enough to strangle any industry. Away from modern education, good Muslims study courses from the time of Aurangzeb (the arch-Muslim ruler). Away from modern technology. Equipped with a 300 year old course, these youths can do only medieval employment. The whole economy is based not on construction but on destruction. Robbery, arson, rape, selling of women are all permissible.

Terrorism is the most deadly weapon of Islam

These attitudes were common in Saudi mosques as well. Speaking in one of the main mosques of Mecca on October 6, 2001, Sheikh Wajdi Hamzeh al-Ghazawi gave no indication of remorse over the attacks on America. He was also highly defensive about the term “terrorism”. (HATRED’S KINGDOM How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism).

The [kind of] terror [in Arabic, “striking of fear”] that is permissible according to Islamic law is terrifying the cowards, the hypocrites, the secularists, and the rebels, by imposing punishments [according to the religious] law of Allah…. The meaning of the term “terror” that is used by the media…is the jihad for the sake of Allah. Jihad is the peak of Islam. Moreover, there are religious scholars who view it as the sixth pillar of Islam.

Every Islamic Fanatics is familiar with this Deadly Weapon .It has been taught to him since childhood. These ideas have been passed on from generation to generation. . South Asian Muslims, who see Mir Qasim’s attack as the light of Islam. Every Muslim invader as a Muslim hero.(MIR QUASIM,MUHAMMAD GHAURI,MAHMUD GHAZNAVI,BABUR)All these invaders were mass murderers of non-Muslims, destroyers of idolatry and followers of the fundamentalist ideology of Islam. Converted Muslims see the victory of Islam in every attack and every tyranny, the period before Islam’s arrival in South Asia is described in the books of Madrasa’s as a time of darkness. The history of South Asian Muslims are very limited and malicious.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet. (Shakespeare) Unfortunately, this applies not only to good things but also to bad things. Taliban became a HYBRIDIZATION OF DEOBANDISM and Salafism (supporting Islam as it had been under the prophet Muhammad and his immediate successors) which the Wahhabi presence of the 1980s had made possible . Ahmed Rashid – Taliban

Deoband (Dar-ul-Uloom)

From 1820 some Moulvees of India declaring them selves to be disciples of Syud Ahmed of Bareilly, whom they styled Ameerul Momencen and Iman Homan (chief and leader of the faithful), began to preach the Wahabee creed in this country… They preached to the common people that Hindustan is now a Darool Harab (or country of the infidels): therefore it behoved all the good Mehomedans to wage war against the infidels. Moulvee Syud Emdad Ali Khan, An Epitome of the History of the Wahabees, 1871

History of Deoband

Deoband (Dar-ul-Uloom) was founded in 1866 by two jihadis.
The basic duty of this educational institution was to make India an Islamic nation according to the Wahhabi ideology (Jihad), but after 1857 (the Mughal Empire of India was defeated), the British government did not accept any such Islamic ideology. “After 1857, the main (Hidden) objective of Deoband was to bring Muslim art, science, civilization, and culture to the common people. And under the education system, the study of Quran, reading of Hadith was made compulsory. Visiting the tomb of Muslim Pir, Music and dance were declared un-Islamic (this was the way of spreading Muslim art and civilization) All Muslims were asked to keep distance from the modern changes taking place in India, British courts etc. The emphasis was placed on maintaining the ideology of Jihad in its original form under the most radical ideology of Wahhabi and Islam. Very cleverly maintaining the original nature of jihad, it was emphasized that now is not the right time for jihad.

Jehad also is a means of discovering the truth, of finding out what man should do in order to fulfil the law. Even search for knowledge is an aspect of Jehad and has been ranked as a Jehad-e-Akbar, that is to say, it is regarded as a greater struggle as contra-distinguished from Jehad Bil-Saif (striving with sword) which is described as a Jehad-e-Asghar, that is, Jehad on the minor scale.

At the age of five, children were admitted to the Deoband madarassa, until they were young, they lived in the madarassa. A brainwashed Islamic theological soldier, a robot army of Islamic fundamentalism. (emotionless) Soon the Wahhabis, who came out of the Deoband Educational Institute, wrote a new chapter of bigotry. Soon the old radical Islamic ideology was further sharpened by Deoband in South Asia. Thousands of “holy Muslims” emanating from Deoband soon started painting the whole South Asia in their favorite colour. The Deobandis carried the modern orthodox Islamic ideology out of the Arabian desert to every corner of South Asia.

Rise of Deoband in Pakistan and Afghanistan




WITH THE POWER OF HER BUTTOCKS.” (Firangis A foreigner, especially a white person. Kashmiri Akbarnama Afghanistan)


There was anger towards foreigners in Afghanistan due to the Anglo-Afghan War (1839). This anger had prepared the perfect pitch in Afghanistan for the development of the Wahhabi ideology. The Anglo-Afghan war is a long series. This was the beginning of a conflict between the big guns (Soviet Union – UK) and local fundamentalists. Soon the struggle of imperialism and radicalism wrote a new chapter in history, the Western imperialist ideology, armed with modern technology, clashed with the fierce fighters armed with radical Islamic ideology on the tribal of Afghanistan. And the followers of Wahhabi ideology took full advantage of this situation. Rigid lifestyle, tribalistic thinking, glorification of murder, inter-tribal slitting, in spite of all this they all had a common enemy– The non-Islamic foreigner. The dream of defeat of the non-Islamic was overshadowed by all mutual enmity.

India Pakistan Partition:-

Many Deobandis migrated to Pakistan after India’s independence. Jamaat-e Ulama-e Pakistan was established in Pakistan by Mufti-Mahmud. He was a Deobandi and had a firm belief in the Wahhabi fundamentalist ideology. Mufti Mahmud was also the Chief Minister of the North West Frontier of Pakistan. Presently his son Fazal Ur Rahman is the president of Jamaat-e-Ulema-e Pakistan. Because of the Anglo-Afghan war, the Afghans, who considered every western country and western people their enemy, considered the non-believing communists to be born enemies. Due to the Afghan policies of the Soviet Union, the number of Deoband madsrassas in the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan and the number of students enrolling in Deoband madarassas increased tremendously. The hardline ideology of Deoband madarassas came very useful to the Islamic forces in the “Holy War” upon the arrival of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.


Educated fighters from Deoband Madarassa in Pakistan blew the bugle of jihad against the Soviet Union. In the American effort to make Afghanistan the Vietnam of the Soviet Union, America provided a lot of money to the Deoband madarassas, the fusion of Deoband and Wahhabi was very useful here. Deobandi madarassas also received loads of money from Gulf Countries for the propagation of Wahhabi. The rulers of Pakistan, and the army also successfully used this Holi fighters (Useful Idiots) in their anti-India foreign policy. The street goons became the heroes of the Islamic world overnight.
New enemies of communist imperialism on the world stage in changed circumstances.

“ALL TALIBAN ARE ISI TALIBAN. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO GO TO AFGHANISTAN WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE ISI. EVERYONE SAYS THIS.” (Brother of a Pakistani sucide bomber killed in Afghanistan ). The street goons became the heroes of the Islamic world overnight. “HE WAS NOT EVEN STREET SMART. HE WAS SO STUPID IT WAS EASY FOR THE ISI TO USE HIM.” (Hafizullah Khan about Mullah Omer)
The power struggle in Afghanistan began as soon as the Soviet Union left Afghanistan. The deobandis fully cooperated with the Taliban who believed in the most radical ideology. Many Taliban leaders and fighters were educated in the madarassas of the deobandis. A tribal fanatic ideology was now seeking expansion, flourishing with Pakistan, Gulf countries, American help. Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda (the concept of Global Islam) together with the local Taliban of Afghanistan and the Pakistani army soon made the whole world aware of their unity and alliance. The ideology of this alliance was completely based on the Islamic ideology of Deoband.


Deoband used another secret weapon to avoid a direct confrontation with the regime in India’s democratic system and to maintain its importance in the daily life of every Muslim. —– Fatwa. Efforts were made under the fatwa to make Sharia an integral part of the lifestyle of every Muslim, it continues unabatedly even today.

Fatwa:- Fatwa means guidance on any subject of life according to Sharia. Fatwa is not the opinion of any mufti or religious person. Only an Islamic organization that has the authority to issue a fatwa can issue it. deoband has got this right. It is mandatory for every Muslim to follow a fatwa. deoband Fatwa:- There will be no such thing in the daily routine of life on which fatwa has not been given. From getting up in the morning till going to sleep at night, everything comes under the purview of fatwa. What deoband thinks for non-Muslims in the light of Quran and Hadith can be inferred from some fatwas.


Heart wrenching Fatwas:-

What should a true Muslim do to an animal that he has kept for sexual intercourse?

If a goat is pregnant then having sex with goat is halal or haram?

Is it wrong to have sex with a minor child and with a goat?

Halal :- The word Halal is used for lawful in Islamic law. Haram :- Forbidden in Islamic law.

Deoband’s thoughts on the subject :- “If there is no ejaculation (inside the animal) its meat and milk are Halal without question,” rule the Ulema of Dar al-Ulum, Deoband, “But if there is ejaculation, it is better to kill the animal and bury its flesh. No one should eat it, though it is not haram to eat it.” And so on.

How much rights should non-Muslims (Hindus, Christians, Jews) get according to Deoband )

Non-Islamic:- The lowest people of the universe. THE WORD Kafir is also used as a term of abuse, The Fatwa-i-Rizvia . But in sharia it is a legal term. According to shariah he who is not a Muslim is a kafir . These are rights which flow from the grace, so to say, of Islamic power and the Islamic State. And they are accorded even in nominal terms- solely in view of their accepting and submitting themselves to the suzerainty of Is lam. Kafirs as such have not even these minimal, nominal rights. There is no covenant between Muslims and them.

Those Indians who consider every religion equally, see mosque-temple, church with a single glance, believe in the supremacy of the constitution,
Such people who believe in nation supreme, not religion, who see equality in the religious texts of Hindus and the Quran, such secular people are also ENEMIES OF ISLAM for Deoband. These are utterances of kufr, they declare. A person who has such beliefs and teaches such beliefs is not a Muslim but an infidel and an apostate, they declare. He is a reprobate and a heretical inventor, in fact an infidel and an apostate, they repeat. Muslims should keep away from him rather than listen to his infidel utterances. This is pure totalitarian ideology. Just like Marxists, Maoists. Deoband wants to control the life of every Muslim in India, and fatwa is one such instrument. These fatwas are very important for Islamic believers. These fatwas have the same importance in Islam as the decisions of the Supreme Court in a democracy. Fatwas are compiled and kept. Maulana who study Islamic subjects and associated with mosques study these fatwas and on the basis of this give their opinion on any problem. The number of these fatwas is in the thousands, and they are increasing year after year. A collection of fatwas is also published from time to time.

Radical Islam and its meaning in South Asia

We are all aware of the horrors of the Taliban, but the exploits of their ancestors were many times more frightening. Due to the non-availability of information technology and due to the blindness of other countries of the world, they could be recorded only in the history books. I will not go too far back here and talk only about the coming into existence of Pakistan and atrocities on non-Muslims.

A Knowledge of History, even of the darkest past, can be quite useful, even for the future. (Anatoly Markusha, Miracles on wheels)

1947__ The biggest exodus in human history, the massacre of Hindus, Sikhs, forced conversions, Of raping countless women, At the same time, it is also a saga of women’s sacrifice, bravery, and courage.

“The story tells how the Hindu Sikh population of this tiny village was attacked by 3000-strong-armed Muslims, how badly out weaponed and outnumbered, the besieged had to surrender, but how their women numbering 90 in order to “evade inglorious surrender” and save their honor jumped into a well “following the example of Indian women of by-gone days”. Only three of them were saved. “there was not enough water in the well to drown them all” The Statesman of April 15, 1947, narrates an event that took place in village Thoha Khalsa (PAKISTAN) of Rawalpindi District.

1971:- There was an order in writing to kill Hindus

“Senior Pakistani officers would later admit much of this targeting before a secret Pakistani postwar judicial noted that “senior officers like the C.O.A.S(CHIEF OF ARMY STAFF) & C.G.S(CHIEF OF GENERAL STAFF) were often noticed jokingly asking as to how many Hindus have been killed” one lieutenant colonel testified that lieutenant general A.A.K Niazi, who became the chief martial law administrator in East Pakistan & head of the army eastern command,” asked as to how many Hindus we had killed. In May, there was an order in writing to kill Hindus” from a brigadier (Niazi denied ordering the extermination the Hindus ) another lieutenant colonel said “there was a general feeling of hatred against Bengalis among the soldiers and the officers including generals. They were verbal instruction to eliminate Hindus” THE BLOOD TELEGRAM (INDIA’S SECREAT WAR IN EAST PAKISTAN -GARY J. BASS)

Crowd chanting Allah O Akbar slaughtered Hindus, raped women, four lakh people forced to become refugees in their own country Terrorism incidents become an everyday occurrence Countless bomb blasts The death of countless innocent people continues even today for forty years. ( If only the events and the place are named then it will be a work of many days) Is there any difference between all these heartbreaking incidents and the brutality of Taliban, or ISIS?

Is there any difference between all these heartbreaking incidents and the brutality of Taliban,& ISIS ? Is there a difference between the Jewish hatred of Hitler and the Hindu hatred of the Pakistan Army. Is there any difference between rape of Yezdi women by Islamic jihadists and rape of Hindu women? Is there any difference between communist assassin ideology and Islamic fundamentalist ideology? The ideology of the Taliban has not emerged suddenly, it is traced back centuries of Islamic brutality, and belief in terrorism. There is nothing like Good Taliban and Bad Taliban, terrorism can be used by any country in its interest for a short amount of time, but it is harmful in the long run. All the countries suffering from Islamic terrorism of the world should come on one platform, and unitedly oppose the Islamic fundamentalist ideology.