ISLAMIC FANATIC The term Islamic Fanatic was used by the Britishers to refer to Muslims who lived in India and whose activities were entirely under the control of the Muslim religious priests and were always engaged in jihad(Islamic Holi War) against non-Muslims. FANATIC A person who is very enthusiastic about something and may have extreme … Continue reading “IS AAMIR KHAN A ISLAMIC FANATIC ?”

Who was Bankim Chandra Chatterjee? And what was his contribution in the freedom struggle?

After the independence of India, whatever research work has been done on the topic of freedom struggle of India, has been mostly motivated by political selfishness. The diabolical alliance of Nehruvian and Marxist historians have never given any place to the nationalist ideology and the staunch nationalists in the textbooks. Marxists and Nehruvian, who believe … Continue reading “Who was Bankim Chandra Chatterjee? And what was his contribution in the freedom struggle?”


Varanasi, the holy city of Hindus, is also called the CITY OF TEMPLES in fact there are innumerable big and small temples in Varanasi. VARANASI HAS BEEN THE CENTER OF YOGA AND TANTRA PRACTICE SINCE ANCIENT TIMES. During the Mughal period, idol-worship and yoga practice remained inactive. Under the rule of Marathas, once again the … Continue reading “GURU DHAM YOG TEMPLE VARANASI”


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