Why is Varanasi called the world’s oldest living city? Part (II)

Kashi or Banaras (Benares) The word Benares (anglicized version of Banaras) has been used extensively in British documents and by British writers. Hindu religious beliefs regarding Banaras.  AVIMUKTA “NEVER FORSAKEN” According to this mythological History, Kashi is a place of the most profound antiquity, sanctity and splendor: it has survived in age a hundred lives…

Why is Varanasi called the world’s oldest living city? Part (I)

I find that it seems that life in the ancient part of Varanasi city even today from sunrise till ten o’clock in the night is very much the same as it was Five thousand years ago.

Lost Chronicles of India’s Freedom Struggle: 4 Concealed Books Finally Unveiled”

After India’s independence, Indian historians bowed down to one particular family, one particular ideology, and one particular religion. RESULT @ The entire history has been dedicated to the sycophancy of one family. (Gandhi -Parivar) @ The whole History was written to glorify a fake ideology~ Marxism. @ The entire History writing has been devoted to…

DALMIA BHAVAN : A Timeless Journey Through History.

Dalmia house is an old building based on Danish architecture located in Varanasi This building has been a witness to many important events in the modern history of India, that is the period between the advent of European races in India and India’s independence.


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