Until everything is normal, this game of fear and greed will continue. The flood of information creates a strange fear, panic and uncertainty.Best learned from history, how our ancestors defeated the epidemics. How he defeated the epidemics by adopting a simple lifestyle. When all the doctors, nurses, scientists of the world are trying to defeat Corona together then it becomes our moral responsibility to cooperate with them.


As Maxim Gorky, the founder of Soviet literature, once wrote: “Schools should introduce one more, very important, subject the History of Labour, the brilliant and tragic history of man’s struggle with the natural world, the history of his discoveries and inventions, his victories and triumphs over the forces of nature.”

And a little later he wrote

“I believe very strongly in miracles made by the intelligence and imagination of man; I know no other miracles.”

WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD was struggling with Corona and the sudden increase in the number of Corona patients in the country, everyone was shocked. instead of comforting the general public, mainstream media, electronics media and social media were engaged in the business of fear. for more information about this subject please visit :-

IN CONTRAST THE COMMON MAN was using social media for mutual support, beneficial information, and encouragement.
Pictures of heartbreaking and hopeless were seized everywhere. Information was intimidating. There was no end to the rumors, a truly terrible scene. Here a huge drop has been registered in the case of Corona in a few days, praying to God that the situation should move towards such betterment in future.
Many people were giving information of oxygen cylinders, beds available in hospitals, to people without any benefit.
Many such groups have been seen active on social media and thank all of them very much. Special thanks to the youth for their active participation. Some eminent doctors of the country were diagnosing the problems of people living in far-flung areas. And also giving them proper advice, this attempt by the doctors on social media was commendable.

                                              LIFE IS LIFE FIGHT FOR IT

Mother Teresa

Message of a brave girl to her countrymen:-


Recently, a doctor shared a video on Twitter. In this video, a young thirty-year-old girl was seen swinging at the lyrics of a song even when she was infected by corona. The bravery, fearlessness of this young girl impressed everyone.

While sharing this video, Dr. Monika wrote, “This girl could not get a ICU bed in the hospital. (It was found a few days later)”. Due to this reason, this girl is admitted in Corvid Emergency ward for ten days. It is placed on foundation support. She is a strong willed girl.
This brave girl heard the song after being allowed to listen to the song from the doctor. These song lyrics were Love You Zindagi.
Even after the oxygen mask was put on, this lively girl was swinging on this song. Doctor Monica wrote that “Everyone should learn from this girl that we should never lose courage”. This vivacity, desire to live, feeling so much responsibility at such a young age, this video full of expectations was seen all over the country.

On May 13, a sudden tweet from Doctor Monica shook everyone. Doctor Monica wrote in her tweet that “We lost this brave girl.” Please pray for this brave girl’s family and her young child. The whole country was left stunned by this news. The expectations of the people were shaken. The irresponsible behavior of mainstream media was on uninterrupted. Some newspapers made headlines – THE BRAVE GIRL LOST THE BATTLE OF LIFE


I was also disturbed by this incident , but I found the behavior of mainstream media very irresponsible. A girl whose name I do not even know, whose face I have not seen, I became a fan of her fearless style. This shocking incident made me think a lot. I have already written a post on this subject .please visit for more information about this subject :- The famous writer of Hindi literature, and poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan ji wrote at one place —Imagination and emotions do not last long. so decided to write my thoughts immediately .

This brave girl swinging on the rhythm of music was a symbol of life, in this endeavor there was no complaint from life, there was no complaint from the doctors, even there was no complaint from the epidemic,
There was a belief about life, a belief in the future, a hope, a positive energy.
Physically, this brave girl is not with us today, but I hope that her inspirational power will always inspire people.

A LEADER LEADS BY EXAMPLE: At such a young age, and under such odd circumstances, this brave girl has set a model in front of the country. Whenever I used to think of this brave girl and her family, I found that inadvertently my attention would go to THE LAST LEAF.

From the corridor of memories

O HENRY ‘S famous story (THE LAST LEAF) I read in my childhood. I must have been 12-13 years old. I was very impressed with this story. I read this story in a children’s magazine and was first acquainted with Henry’s name. My father had told that he is a very famous writer of English literature. A few years later I had the opportunity to read THE GIFT OF THE MAGI Henry’s famous story in the school’s English subject book. While reading this story, I was reminded of THE LAST LEAF story I had read in my childhood. My mother had a great interest in literature, and it was not limited to Hindi literature only. She always used to say “literature goes beyond language and country”. A writer’s language style, and ideas are beyond the country’s boundaries. I hope that everyone whose mother tongue is English will be familiar with this story, and those whose mother tongue is not English, they should definitely read this hopeful story of O. Henry.

I am writing a summary of this story here.


GREENWICH VILLAGE –The early twentieth century. Greenwich is a cheap city area where struggling artists live. At this place, two girls Sue and Johnsy live together. Both young girls were striving for their place in the field of art. Suddenly, an epidemic in the cold weather knocked the artists in this area. The name of this epidemic was pneumonia. (Today we have conquered this pandemic) Soon Johnsy also fell under this pandemic. The doctor said that Johnsy has become pessimistic with pneumonia, and that his desire to live is also slowly ending. Sue was engaged in Johnsy’s care, paying the duty of their friendship.

Once, while Sue was drawing something while sitting near the bed of Johnsy, he noticed that Johnsy was counting. On asking, Johnsy pointed towards a tree and said “look towards that tree”. The leaves of that tree are falling very fast, I firmly believe that on the day the last leaf of this tree also falls, (the last leaf also leaves the tree, I will not even survive).

Sue cannot think of any solution to this mental confusion of his friend Johnsy.
Sue discusses this with Painter Behrman, an old man living in the lower part of his building. Behrman was unsuccessful in the field of art, he used to do small work to meet his needs. Behrman still had a great desire to create a masterpiece in the field of painting.
Hearing Sue, Behrman expressed surprise, and asked how one could stop living life after the leaves had fallen.
That night Johnsy sleeps thinking that it will be her last night because there are very few leaves left on the tree. Unfortunately there is a very heavy storm at night. In the morning Johnsy tells Sue to remove the curtain and looks at the leaves of the tree with great frustration and pain. Only one leaf is left. Johnsy tells Sue it is just a matter of time. Sue then tries to convince Johnsy, but Johnsy remains as hopeless as before. There is another night, there is heavy rain and snowfall as well.

Pleasantly surprise!
Even after so many troubles, that last leaf was safe. Light of hope flashes in Johnsy. He feels that the last leaf is also giving him the message of courage in the fight of life. IT IS A SIN TO WANT TO DIE.

Johnsy asks her friend for a little broth to drink and asks for a hand mirror. Johnsy also asked for some pillow from her friend whom she wanted to sit with on her back and expressed her desire to sit and watch her friend cook food. All these things were a symbol of positive change towards life. After a while, Johnsy told her friend that I hope to someday make a painting of the Bay of Naples.

After a routine checkup, the doctor informs Sue about the improvement in her friend Johnsy’s condition. Talking to the doctor, the doctor said that “Old Behrman , who lives at the bottom of this building, also has pneumonia, his condition is serious, and there is no hope of survival. “The next day, the doctor told Su that Johnsy is now out of danger.

After noon, Sue reveals to Johnsy a secret.

She told that Behrman has died in the hospital today. Two days ago, the watchman found him in his room helpless and suffering from terrible pain. His clothes and shoes were as cold as snow. No one could understand what he was doing outside on such a stormy night.
My dear friend look out of the window. Even today, that last leaf is there. Don’t you wonder why there is no movement in this leaf even when the wind blows? My dear friend, this is Behrman’s masterpiece art, that night, when the last leaf fell, he made this leaf on the wall adjacent to the tree.