Pakistan: Again at the cusp of civil war, or the clash of civilizations


The whole world is suffering from the corona epidemic, in such a situation the recent events of Pakistan managed to attract media attention. (Violent protests are being carried out across the country by the extremist organization Tehreek -E- Labbaik Pakistan, seeking to end political relations with France and declare France as an anti-Muslim country.)

Saad Hussain Aamir Tehreek-E-Labbaik Pakistan

Pakistan is full of such religious, political organizations. Every new organization is more staunch, narrow, and dangerous than the old one to look more religious than the other. Pakistan is a staunch Islamic country, and like any Islamic country, here, radical struggle between fundamentalist organizations and the government is a common thing. The roots of Islamic fundamentalism are very deep in Pakistan, due to which democracy could never flourish here. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS SUBJECT PLEASE VISIT :- SHORT ROAD TO PARADISE TO KILL CHRISTIANS AND HINDUS AND UNBELIEVERS. The killing of non-Muslims is still considered the greatest service of Islam in Pakistan. Dozens of incidents in which the general public welcomes a person killing a non-Muslim with rose petals, rose water and perfume.


My father’s killer was showered with rose petals, billboards of him were erected through the city of Lahore, men came to give food and money in thanks for what he had done, and there were vast rallies of support demanding he be freed. The Senate, which in the months to come would have a prayer to say for Osama bin Laden, was unwilling to pass a simple motion to condemn the killing. Those who defended my father, in no matter how small a way, were themselves either killed or forced to leave. In March, Shahbaz Bhatti, the minister for minority affairs, who had joined my father in opposing the blasphemy laws, was gunned down by unknown men outside his house in Islamabad; in August, the cleric who had performed my father’s funeral rites, when no one else was willing, was forced to flee the country; and, in October, the judge who dared hand down a death sentence against my father’s killer left for Saudi Arabia, after his court was smashed up by protestors.

Aatish Taseer
A son’s journey through Islamic Lands

The jihadization of media has been done in Pakistan. Just as the communist ideology had its own media and its own language style, so is the condition of Pakistan’s media. The propagation of Islam’s most radical and violent ideology (Wahhabi) in this area is a major reason for this. Even today, the words of humanity, coexistence, diversity, non-violence and their meaning are unknown to the society of Pakistan. Any Pakistani newspaper should be picked up and even after reading for a few hours, we can hardly meet these words.


“There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is the prophet of Allah.’ Such is the cry which electrifies 250 millions of the inhabitants of this globe. Such is the cry which thrills them so that they are ready to go forward and fight for their religion, and consider it a short road to Paradise to kill Christians and Hindus and unbelievers. It is that cry which at the present time is echoing and re echoing through the hills and mountain fastnesses of the North-West Frontier of India. It is that cry which the mullahs of Afghanistan are now carrying to mountain hamlets and to towns in Afghanistan in order to raise the people of that country to come forward and fight. That is a cry which has the power of joining together the members of Islam throughout the world, and preparing them for a conflict with all who are not ready to accept their religion. … And it is especially these Mohammedans on the North-West Frontier of India who have this intense religious zeal – call it what we will, fanaticism or bigotry – but which, nevertheless, is a power within them overruling every passion. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS SUBJECT PLEASE VISIT :-

Dr Theodore Pennell Missionary Doctor at Bannu, Among The Wild Tribes Of The Afghan Frontier, 1909.

Allah has told us to make atom bombs. America is telling us not to. Who should we listen to O Muslims, Allah or America? Kashmir will not be solved by talks, not by American arbitration, not by its division but only by jihad, jihad, jihad! The Hindus were terrorists yesterday, they are terrorists today and they will remain terrorists tomorrow. We are right in seeking revenge from these spawns of evil.

Pakistan, the only Islamic country with nuclear power, is a threat to the whole world. Presently, the 9/11 incident has shown that religious fundamentalism cannot be confined within the boundaries of any country or region. Due to the resources of globalization, traffic, a poisonous ideology can ever put thousands of people in the face of death.


“All Taliban are ISI Taliban. It is not possible to go to Afghanistan without any help of the ISI. Everyone says this”. Brother of a Pakistani suicide bomber killed in Afghanistan.”

“The Madrasa Question And Terrorism”

The medicine mentioned in religious tradition… is in no way part of the divine revelation. [It was] merely [part of] Arab custom and happened to be mentioned in connection with the circumstances of the Prophet, like other things that were customary in his generation. [It was] not mentioned in order to imply that [it] is stipulated by the religious law. Muhammad was sent to teach us the religious law. He was not sent to teach us medicine or any other ordinary matter.

“Every one of the boys bobs his head up and down as he recites a verse and then another verse and another—–they are memorizing the entire Koran though they do not yet know its meaning (“That will come later when they are taught to use the Koran as their life guide”)It is still morning and we are told that the group will spend three hours at this—without a break. They will log another three hours in the afternoon .six hours of rote memorization and no one is complaining— After a long discussion ——-about the merits of the Koran I ask the students how many want to be engineers or doctors when they finish school. two hands are raised. How many of you want to fight jihad when you grow up?. Every hand shoots up into the air. And most of them are kids under the age of ten. A television broadcaster on what he observed in a madrasa on the outskirt of Peshawar.cited in Shankar Shran, “The Madrasa Question And Terrorism”.


Religious organizations spread like mushrooms in Pakistan have no problem in making them members. The network of madarasas, educational institutions promoting jihadist ideology is spread all over Pakistan. The Pakistan Army also takes full advantage of the jihadist ideology of such religious organizations and madrasas for their own benefit, especially to send jihadis to Kashmir.
Famous writer and journalist Thomas Friedman has written in his famous book HOT FLAT AND CROWDED Why we need a Green Revolution and how it can renew America that in Pakistan, invoking jihad on the walls, it is common to appeal to the youth to cooperate in this holy war. In many places, it is urged to call the mobile number, and it is said that only one missed call can make you a member of the organization associated with the Jihad movement.
There is no match between the education and modern employment of the madrasa. All of Pakistan’s education system is limited to becoming “good Muslims” only.
To be good Muslims, hatred and jihad (non-Islamic) people is necessary.
Naturally, these hate youth join Islamic extremist organizations. In this way we see that Jihad is the religion of Pakistan, Jihad is import, Jihad is export, Jihad is sacred, Jihad is the goal of life, Jihad is the oxygen on which Pakistan lives. Pakistan is a medieval barbaric country, seeing its unique historical heritage, the import ideology of the Gulf country, A problem for the whole world, but this is the problem that Pakistan considers necessary for happiness. Pakistan is a suicidal country, moving towards confrontation with the whole world, the sooner the world understands this, the better it will be for the welfare of the world.