Rediscovery of Lion Capital and how it strengthened India’s freedom struggle.

LION CAPITAL: THE LION CAPITAL IS THE CROWN (TOP) OF THE ASHOKAN PILLAR found at Sarnath in Varanasi. During the archaeological excavations at Sarnath, in 1905 the Ashokan Pillar, the fragments of the 32-spoked wheel and the Lion Capital were unearthed. Today the remains of these findings are kept safe in the Sarnath Museum. The … Continue reading “Rediscovery of Lion Capital and how it strengthened India’s freedom struggle.”


ISLAMIC FANATIC The term Islamic Fanatic was used by the Britishers to refer to Muslims who lived in India and whose activities were entirely under the control of the Muslim religious priests and were always engaged in jihad(Islamic Holi War) against non-Muslims. FANATIC A person who is very enthusiastic about something and may have extreme … Continue reading “IS AAMIR KHAN A ISLAMIC FANATIC ?”


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