Corona ,Useful Idiots &Vulture Journalism

“You Doctors are just upsetting people by talking about disease. You’re making it difficult for everybody. I just don’t believe you MAO

Vulture Journalism

Epidemics, Dictators, Imperialism, Useful Idiots &Vulture Journalism

Human history is full of cruel, murderous and power-hungry wolves, but these cruel events of history alert us to the future. I am discussing here such dictators, imperialists, who used the epidemic as a weapon for their selfishness.

A Knowledge of History, even of the darkest past, can be quite useful, even for the future. (Anatoly Markusha, Miracles on wheels)


One of the first recorded uses of biological warfare occurred in 1347, when Mongol forces are reported to have catapulted plague -infested bodies over the walls into the Black Sea  port of Caffa (now Feodosiya Ukraine )  at that time a Genoese trade Centre in the Crimean Peninsula.

Red terror propaganda and Agenda

Dead from famine

At the congress of the people of the East, convened at Baku in 1920 to promote colonial revolution, delegates excitedly waved swords, daggers and revolvers, in the air when Zinoviev called on them to wage a jihad against imperialism and capitalism.

In 1921-22, there was a terrible famine in the Soviet Union, millions of people died. The assassin communist government of the Soviet Union was engaged in the black marketing of grain instead of helping the people. How terrible was the situation This can be gauged from the fact that famine victims were eating the flesh of the “dead from famine” to live? Due to non-availability of food grains to farmers, the meat of dead people was being sold in villages.



Used to describe these four to five years of the Maoist era, but the term fails to capture the many ways in which people died under radical collectivization.


You Doctors are just upsetting people by talking about disease. You’re making it difficult for everybody. I just don’t believe you .” MAO (MAO’S GREAT FAMINE)

Yu Dehong, the secretary of a party

I went to one village and saw 100 corpses, then another village and another 100 corpses. No one paid attention to them. People said that dogs were eating the bodies. Not true, I said. The dogs had long ago been eaten by the people.

An imperialist way of looking

“A burning house falls into commotion and tumult. Thus a thief can seize the chance to loot the property in the house when the doorkeeper and house guards are busily engaged in putting out the fire… In war, a burning house symbolizes a nation that is suffering a major crisis or is in decline.

By attacking such a nation, one can get twice the result for half the effort…”

The Wiles of War


USEFUL IDIOTS:- A person  who is easy  to persuade   to do, say, or believe  things that help  a particular group  or another person politically. (Cambridge dictionary )

Vulture journalism:- In the context of India, Marxist journalists who always hide news of atrocities of China and other communist countries under the guise of ideology, show fake news about India. At the end of communist ideology from the world, the new avatar of useful Idiot is vulture journalism for its livelihood .


It was a great day. We are like vultures. We feed on these moments.” Sardesai said on December 2001 Parliament attacks. (The attack on the Parliament of India by Islamic terrorists )


The Communist Party of India, Congress Party and Marxist journalists have a close relationship with the Soviet Union and China. Yuri Bezmenov , who once worked for K.G.B, described The Indian communists as a Useful Idiot and a political prostitute. Mitrokhin also described the Indian Communist, and Gandhi family as agents of the Soviet Union and communist imperialism. The creator of Fake Media was Lenin. Journalism was an attempt by Marxists to serve their fatherland – and to give treason a dignified name. Even before independence in India, the Communists surrendered themselves to imperialist forces for their insignificant benefit. Communists hated every country devotee (Sardar Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose) . FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS SUBJECT PLEASE VISIT:- (Gandhi family and communist imperialism)

Nehru:-Architect of spineless India

Rag Darbari –How were Communist Party of India and Marxist journalists selling India’s interests to another country?

Some statistics: – India is proving better able to deal with Corona than any developed country in the world. In such a situation, the movement of vulture is very shameful. What message do vultures want to do by doing this?
The use of epidemics as a weapon is an old tactic of communists.


Anyone can view information related to this on their mobile. Statistics on death are probably very wrong, but it has become necessary to reveal the truth of vultures.

Smash the vultures

We do not consider anyone else as mother Mother and motherland are superior even to heaven.” BANKIMCHANDRA-ANANDAMATH

What is a nation? The Shakti’s of its millions.

For what is a nation? What is our mother country? it is not a piece of earth, Nor a figure of speech, nor a fiction of the mind .it is a mighty Shakti, composed of the shaktis of all the millions of units that make up the nation, just as Bhawani Mahisha Mardini sprang into being from the Shakti of all the millions of gods assembled in one mass of force and welded into Unity. The Shakti we call India Bhawani Bharti is the living unity of three hundred million, people but she is inactively imprisoned in the magic circle of the tamas the self-indulgent inertia and ignorance of her sons to get rid of tamas we have but to wake the Brahma within. (Sri Aurobindo)

To successfully deal with any national disaster, it is necessary to make collective efforts towards one goal, one power of the entire nation. By the way, Corona is a global problem and the whole world needs to be together to deal with it.
In Shri Arvind Ghosh’s concept of nation, or the imagination of the motherland, we get answers to many questions. Shri Arvind Ghosh, while giving the example of Hindu Goddess Maa Durga, defines the power of country and country in the simplest sense that: – As the destruction of demoniacal power, the power of all the gods is absorbed in Maa Durga,
And together with the power of all the gods, a new power is created, in the same way, the combined power of all the nationalists and countrymen creates a new power of the country. The self-power of all the people is included in this great work. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS SUBJECT PLEASE VISIT :

We have defeated many epidemics. Even when there was no medical facility in human history, our ancestors defeated many epidemics due to small important tasks and healthy habits of daily life. Together we will defeat this epidemic again. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS SUBJECT PLEASE VISIT :-

Author: nitinsingh

Postgraduate in International relations. Experience in writing in various journals, from BBC WORLD NEWS SERVICE to India's one of the oldest hindi daily. I like to write on international relations, religion, religious conflict. Social media has bridged the distance between writing and reading. Now writing is not just the expression of one's own thought, but also knowing the expression of people on various subject.

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  1. Wonderfully written, I agree with your views on vulture journalism and how communism is all about putting India down while downplaying any atrocity or wrong doing in China, but I think the present govt could have managed the current crisis in a much better way. They had plenty of time before the second wave but couldn’t use it judiciously.

    1. Deepak thank you , 2 read my post You are absolutely right, completely agree with you, a lot of mistakes have been done from the government, especially the bureaucracy has proved completely incompetent.

      1. Agree, i think bureaucracy also wait for directions from the political leadership which was also in complete disarray both at the centre as well as states. Not a single state handled the situation or even tried managing it the way they should have or they bragged about!

      2. hi deepak hope u well, I am very sorry for the delay in answering
        Absolutely right, the government could have done better if there had been some preparation in advance. There was no coordination between the state governments, the central governments and the bureaucrats, it was time for everyone to work together in the right direction.
        It can be expected that the situation will improve in a few days

  2. Unfortunately, communist trying to put down the whole world, kids being brainwashed right now in public schools. I was born in Ukraine in Soviet time, it is terrible time to live when genocide against Ukrainians, Belarussian was committed and now kids want this back, they are too dumb to listen to people who lived that time, who knows better. Everywhere students rise for socialism, which is slavery for all. Every country should realize the problem and not let communists win.

    1. Those who don’t remember the past condemned to repeat it .

      Nadiia ,

      Nadia, you have seen that iron curtain time, who knows more than you on this subject. I am from India, aware of this cruel time of history, saddened to know that the younger generation of Ukraine wants to forget the old things. Ukraine has suffered the most atrocities of communists. Ukraine is a beautiful and friendly country of India, I wish that if I get a chance in the future, I would like to see Ukraine and the museums about which I have read only in books.

      1. Thank you, I thought no body knows already. Younger generation refusing to learn this and they do not believe in our words. Other countries, like US, kids there brainwashed a lot and they have protests for socialist movement, which is terrifying. I hope you will have opportunity to visit Ukraine) I know, India suffers a lot as well, now they trying to take lands from farmers…

      2. nadiia i m v sorry for the delay in answering

        as i told u (those who fget the past condemned to repeat it )

        The younger generation is attracted towards socialism because of the free facilities, they do not know that the cost of free facilities has to be paid to many generations to come.

      3. It is true. Free education means brainwashing, not more. Doctors? Yeah, bad quality and no anesthesia for surgeries, that how it was. It is sad that they are so stupid and do not hear those, who actually knows about all of this.

  3. The education system is designed bro create useful idiots. By the time people graduate in courses related to social sciences, they are taught to extol the virtues of the West and look down upon themselves. This is how they germinate the seeds of vulturism.

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