Aandolanjeevi or NewLeft MilitantTheirTechnology,TheirLine,Their Fraud

Lenin hoped that a truly enormous death toll would weaken the czarist regime—so the more starvation, the better. “He conducted systematic and outspoken propaganda against the relief committees,” his comrade Trotsky said much later. Four-hundred thousand people died of starvation, typhus, and cholera (.RED- FAMINE ANNE APPLEBAUM)

One has to understand the difference between Aandolan and Aandolanjeevi .

Changes are necessary for any society, and they cannot be stopped, they should not be stopped, otherwise, the society will stop, and any society, country which does not have speed, will die. No one can benefit from a dead country. The movement of different groups in the society to reach out to the government is a powerful medium, to pressure the government, to implement the right plan.

 Movement is a tool to reduce the gap between the legislature and the public. But movement cannot be any business. No movement can be opposed to the society, the people of the country. In the present times, many people have moved their ancestral business, for their selfishness they have corrupted the basic spirit of the movement. Such people are the biggest enemies of society, the country, and the general public. Such people have corrupted the sanctity of the movements.

“One does not establish a dictatorship to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

George Orwell 

AANDOLANJEEVI or New Left Militant Present and History

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, during his address to the Parliament, laid special emphasis on two words.


2. FDI foreign destructive ideology ( I will discuss this again in an upcoming blog.)

The AANDOLANJEEVI is made up of two Hindi words AANDOLAN and JEEVI. AANDOLAN means Movement and JEEV means organism [people who depend on movements for their livelihood.] 

The Prime Minister advised the people of the country to avoid such people. Presently, the Prime Minister mentioned this in the context of the FARMERS movement. for more information about farmers movement please visit :- http://nithinks.com/2020/12/08/farmers-movement-or-khalistan-movement-referendum-2020/ Due to information technology and social media, these words started echoing in every house in India in a few hours. The Marxists, who had taken possession of media houses and universities in India, were frustrated. This uneasiness of Marxists was natural because these words were reminiscent of their old sins. for more information about this subject please visit :- http://nithinks.com/2019/04/30/rag-darbariparivardarbari-mobile-phone/


The AANDOLANJEEVI (NEW LEFT) is not a new word, but the Marxist intellectuals, because of their selfishness, kept the information about the bloody history and fascism of Marxists in India hidden from the common people. In modern history, school books in India do not progress beyond the tyranny of Hitler. Mass Murderer Lenin Stalin, Mao has achieved the status of a saint in school books till date. The Marxist Communist ideology that sucks the blood of farmers, laborer’s and the poor remain sacred till date.  Collectively, communists killed as many as 100 million people.

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.

Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, and every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped.”

George Orwell

After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, after the Soviet Union shattered like a straw, the Marxist communists had a famine of ideology-based industry, the development of information technology, tales of red terrorists and their fake Gods; the public’s confidence was lifted by the supernatural, extra-terrestrial Marxist stories of the revolution.


In such a situation, the activists (AANDOLANJEEVI, NEW LEFT) were searching for a solution to overcome their unemployment. In such a situation, the AANDOLANJIVEE (NEW LEFT) allied with the crony (Fake environmentalists &Fake Feminist) environmentalists &Feminists. This satanic nexus became known as New Left. The main function of New Left imperialism is to sell dreams to the general public. 

Aandolanjeevi or New Left methodology: – Conflicts in society, opposition to democratic government, opposition to the country, opposition to democratic institutions of the country, and movements against them are the means of earning of the leftists. All such activities are like gold mines for leftists. Like vulture wholeheartedly, carefully waiting for an organism to die The new leftists also sincerely wait for the people to die in any conflict so that they can take full advantage of the deaths.

Lenin hoped that a truly enormous death toll would weaken the czarist regime—so the more starvation, the better. “He conducted systematic and outspoken propaganda against the relief committees,” his comrade Trotsky said much later. Four-hundred thousand people died of starvation, typhus, and cholera (.RED- FAMINE ANNE APPLEBAUM)

“We also talked about mediocre publicists who have nothing to

say to life and the world as a whole, of petty second-raters who

are only too happy when some nation, preferably a small and

wretched one, is constantly discussed—this gives them a

chance to show off their competence and cleverness, and to Not one of

them had preserved his own outlook, his own world. They had

been much more vivid in his memory. He must have

overestimated them in the past. Under the old order, which

enabled those whose lives were secure to play the fools and

eccentrics at the expense of the others while the majority led a

wretched existence, it had been only too easy to mistake the

foolishness and idleness of a privileged minority for genuine

character and originality. But the moment the lower classes had

risen, and the privileges of those on top had been abolished,

how quickly had those people faded, how unregretfully had they

Renounced independent ideas—apparently no one had ever

had such ideas!

( BORIS PASTERNAK who received the Nobel for Doctor Zhivago novel that made the whole world aware of the fake and murderous ideology of communists).

Newspeak:- George Orwell’s chilling portrait of a fictitious totalitarian state.


Carefully avoids any encounter with reality or any exposure to the logic of a rational argument. Francoise Thom has argued this in her brilliant study La langue de Bois. The purpose of communist Newspeak, in Thomi,s ironic words, has been to protect ideology from the malicious attacks of real things.

Francoise Thom la langue de Bois, Paris 1984tr.c.janson newspeak London 1985.

AANDOLANJEEVI (NEW LEFT) has great expertise in high jacking any movement. In this business, the world of the entire Left helps them. The real issues are left far behind. A handful of leftists appear with farmers sometimes laborers, sometimes students, Feminists, and sometimes with the Environmentalists. The media only covers them, disagreeing with the Left has no meaning; the entire left gang starts to give arbitrary definitions and arbitrary problems. The leftists have no interest in finding a solution to the problem because the solution to the problem can be closed by the leftist shops.

A story explaining the functioning of the Left: –

Once upon a time, there lived a famous lawyer in a city, his fame was far and wide, and the lawyer had a son. The lawyer’s son wanted to become a famous lawyer like his father. It was natural for him to think so because he was intelligent in studying since childhood. After passing the advocacy examination from a renowned university in the country, the lawyer’s son came home; there was a happy atmosphere at home. A few days later, one day lawyer was ill, and he felt unable to go to court. Suddenly, the lawyer thought of a solution, he called his son and said, “You have passed the university examination with excellent numbers and have also enrolled in the court. I wish that the two cases which are being heard today are both you advocate in the court. His son was very happy with his father’s words and went to the court happily.

In the evening the lawyer’s son came home, his face glowing with joy and pride. Soon he revealed the secret of his happiness to his father and said, “Father, I have settled both the cases that have been going on for many years. You have won in both cases today. So much to hear that the color of the lawyer’s face was blown, In a trembling voice, he said, “My son’s fault is mine, that without giving you practical knowledge, I only trusted your magnificent numbers and sent you to the court.”

Do you know that this magnificent house was built on the charges of two cases that have been going on for years, all the expenses of your education came from the fees of these two cases, you and your education have ruined me. This is a joke, a satire on the judicial system that my lawyer friend told me and we both laughed at it for a long time.

Undoubtedly, AANDOLAJEEVI (New Left) is in real life as a lawyer. The leftists do not like to solve any problem; it is in the interest of the left to keep the problem constant.

                 Ministry of Truth

Language of the Left: – To make their dirty game a success, the Left has developed a completely fake vocabulary. Lenin, the messiah of the left, used to run a newspaper called Pravda (in Russia, Pravda means truth). This newspaper propagated Lenin’s bestial views and a newspaper with a surprising truth name would rarely speak the truth. This newspaper was a gathering of the fake leftist forces. Many such means of information were in the possession of leftists who spoke their language.

Subbotnik, social justice, poverty, peasants, all these words had a different meaning in the Marxist dictionary. These were not just words, but kind of ideological ammunition for the Left. With these weapons, the leftists wanted to conquer the whole world. But Nowadays There are many sources of truth, that truth is not alive at the mercy of the newspaper. The Ministry of Truth is destroyed. 

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”. (George Orwell)

India is a country of diversity. There is a lot of languages, religion, and geographical diversity. For thousands of years, our tradition has been based on coexistence. Yet sometimes it is natural to have ideological differences in such differences, but we have successfully faced every such problem in history and have become stronger than before. Our diversity always seems to be an opportunity for the New left. It is our moral responsibility to keep leftists away from any such issues. The present-day farmer movement is an example of this. The leftists seized the issue for their benefit. to make money on such Kashmir and Naxal, the leftists did not hesitate to join hands with the imperialists of China and the Islamic terrorists of Pakistan. Currently is the right time to crush the New Left, without any hesitation, without any mercy.

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