Pulwama:-Islamic Terrorism, Jihad, and what we should learn

“Let us reject the ruler’s”foreign policy and adopt the foreign policy of Allah,—-jihad Let us kill the Hindu bastards who dream that they will rule Pakistan through the U.S and Israel. Let us bleed Israel through jihad so that it can never stand up against the Muslim world. If we do not do so, we will become slaves of America, India, and Israel, and life will be worse than a dog,s life.”

Pulwama:- Islamic Terrorism, Jihad, and what we should learn .

               “Let us kill the Hindu bastards”

                (The editorial in the Zarb-e-toiba)

“Let us reject the ruler’s “foreign policy and adopt the foreign policy of Allah,—-jihad Let us kill the Hindu bastards who dream that they will rule Pakistan through the U.S and Israel. Let us bleed Israel through jihad so that it can never stand up against the Muslim world. If we do not do so, we will become slaves of America, India, and Israel, and life will be worse than a dog’s life.”

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There is no emotion in numbers, but emotions are very much dependent on numbers.

I felt this very deeply during the Pulwama attack. That day, my elder son was at home. Perhaps that day was a holiday, or for some other reason my son was at home. I have been using the Internet for many years, but I do not have close to social media. As a result, information about this incident was received late. My neighbor gave me information about this incident, then I started searching for related information on social media to know the immediate situation. I did not have to make any effort; social media was full of this incident and people’s anger. I immediately turned on T.V. One word was echoing all over the news channel —-PULWAMA.

Struggle started in the mind and heart, perhaps most of life we ​​like to increase the numbers, but it was not that day, the news channel that was reporting the lowest casualties looked good. We all have the experience of how numbers change in any disaster. I have seen my son cry a lot in the past in India’s cricket match loss, but this time it was different. Like me he also said in a voice extinguished between the struggle of the mind and the heart “Papa you say it takes time to get the right news, the actual casualties may be less. oh God bless.! But emotionless numbers were increasing, contrary to sentiment. After every ten minutes my son would appear in the room with tears in his eyes —– how many! The anger of the people started appearing on the streets. Everyone was filled with anger.

NEXT DAY:-  Bharat Mata ki Jay—‘Victory to mother India.

 In the evening, when I went to get vegetables, a 15-16 year old boy who was busy in preparing candle march with some of his same age children at his shop. “Looking at me, he said everyone is coming in candle march. The national flag of India appeared at many shops, reached home early, I took my son along and started joining the candle March .People were carrying the tricolor in the hand. Cars, trucks, bikes were all seen bearing the national flag. The national flag had gathered the diversity of the entire country under one flag. Old, children, rich poor, no distinction Only one slogan was echoing—- Bharat Mata ki Jay—‘Victory to mother India.

It is a mighty Shakti, composed of the shaktis of all the millions of units that make up the nation, just as Bhawani Mahisha Mardini sprang into being from the Shakti of all the millions of gods assembled in one mass of force and welded into Unity. The Shakti we call India Bhawani Bharti is the living unity of three hundred million, people but she is inactively imprisoned in the magic circle of the tamas the self-indulgent inertia and ignorance of her sons to get rid of tamas we have but to wake the Brahma within. (Sri Aurobindo) for more information please visit :- http://nithinks.com/2021/01/25/bharat-mata-mandirmother-india-temple-and-vande-mataram/

The ways of showing SHAKTI  have changed over time. At present, the national flag does not only represent the country but reflects our identity, our culture, our civilization, our centuries of struggle.

The newspapers of India are filled with the statement of the Minister of Pakistan. Not only has Pakistan accepted its involvement in a terrorist Islamic jihadi incident but has also termed it as a glorious incident.

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HUMNEY HINDUSTAN KO GHUSH KEY MAARA(WE HIT INDIA IN THERE HOME).OUR SUCCESS IN PULWAMA IS A SUCCESS OF THIS NATION UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF IMRAN KHAN. YOU AND WE ARE ALL PART OF THAT SUCCESS.(PAK MINISTER FAWAD CHAUDHRY)Pakistan’s minister taking responsibility for the Pulwama attack, and describing this cowardly incident as his victory, is enough to explain why any terrorist incident in the world connects to Pakistan.

The famous lawyer of India, the late Ramakrishna Jethmalani, once said in an interview that “the worst people of society have a huge contribution to society. That contribution is – good law.”The best rules, clauses, or whatever changes have taken place in the law or whatever new rules will be made in the future with the time, are possible only because of the worst people of the society.

Pakistan always wants to seize Kashmir on the strength of Islamic terrorism and jihad.

A similar famous author Samuel P. Huntington has also told in his book Who Are We?. Huntington states in his book that “people who consider themselves Catholic, Protestant, Asian, African American were all Americans with a similar identity after the 9/11 terrorist attack on America.”

Wal-mart reportedly sold 116000 flags on September 11 and 250000 the next day.compared with 6400and 10000on the same days a year earlier.” The demand for flags was ten times what it had been during the gulf war, flag manufacturers went overtime and doubled,tripled, or quintupled production”.

After Pearl Harbor, it was a major attack on American soil. Nationalism was spread in Germany by recovering from the shock of Napoleon. Germany was a very divided country at the time of Napoleon, it had to go through thirty independent territories to go a hundred miles.

Surprised, angry, people from the Pulwama attack appeared to be united against Islamic terrorism. Such solidarity was not seen before against Islamic terrorism.

              Pakistan sponsored Islamic terrorist

(Theology of terrorism)

The (kind of terror) in [Arabic “striking of fear”] that is permissible according to Islamic law is terrifying the cowards, the hypocrites, the secularists, and the rebels, by imposing punishments (according to the religious)law of Allah —-the meaning of the term “terror” that is used by media—is the jihad for the sake of Allah. Jihad is the peak of Islam.moreover, some religious scholars view it as the sixth pillar of Islam.

 (Sheik Jibrin was actually a member of the general presidency for the directorate of religious research, Islamic legal rulings, Islamic propagation and a guidance-an official branch of the Saudi government).

In the whole world, what is called Islamic terrorism, in Pakistan, it is not called Islamic terrorism, it is called Jihad.

Jihad is the most revered word of the Quran and Islam.

          ( Pakistan’s army is not a country but an Islamic army.)

Jihad on Pakistan Army site: Pakistan’s army’s motto on its website: Iman, Taqwa, Jihad fi Sabilillah (“Faith, Piety, Struggle for God”) for more information please visit:- http://nithinks.com/2021/02/04/now-hind-will-become-pakistan-the-slogan-of-the-next-generation-of-the-islamic-terrorists/

“The Qur’anic concept of war” written by Brig.S.K Malik foreword by General M.Zia- Ul- Haq Highlights the functioning of the Pakistani Army

“Quranic philosophy on the application of military force, within the context of the totality that is jihad. The professional soldier in a Muslim army, pursuing the goals of a Muslim state, CANNOT become professional if in all his activities he does not take the color of Allah.”


Is there any difference in the thinking of Pakistan’s Army and Muslim terrorists?

Is there any difference between the cruelty and the way of working of the Pakistani army and Islamic terrorists?

“Every one of the boys bobs his head up and down as he recites a verse and then another verse and another—–they are memorizing the entire Koran though they do not yet know its meaning —-(“that will come later when they are taught to use the Koran as their life guide”)It is still morning and we are told that the group will spend three hours at this—without a break. They will log another three hours in the afternoon .six hours of rote memorization and no one is complaining—

After a long discussion ——-about the merits of the Koran I ask the students how many want to be engineers or doctors when they finish school. two hands are raised.

How many of you want to fight jihad when you grow up?. Every hand shoots up into the air. And most of them are kids under the age of 10.”

A television broadcaster on what he observed in a madrasa on the outskirt of Peshawar.cited in Shankar Shran, “the madrasa question and terrorism”.

Pakistan’s madrasas, school universities, terrorist organizations are all engaged in the holy war of jihad.

Four themes emerge most strongly as constituting the bulk of the curricula and textbooks of the three compulsory subjects :

  1. Pakistan is for Muslims alone
  2. That Islamic teachings, including a compulsory reading and memorization of the Quran, are to be included in all subjects, hence to be forcibly taught all the students, whatever their faith;
  3. The ideology of Pakistan is to be internalized as faith, and that hate be created against Hindus and India: and
  4. Students are to be urged to take the path of jihad and Shahadat.

H NAYYAR & AHMAD SALIM Sustainable development policy institute, Islamabad

Mu’ashhrati Tulum, Punjab textbook for class 6: in 1885 the Hindus founded their political party, the Indian national congress ……

(An English man, A.O Hume founded the Indian national congress)

Higher secondary level textbook, Tarikh –I Pakistan: the Pakistan armed force s created a new record of bravery, and the Indian forces were defeated everywhere. ( Pakistan was split in this war. And one lakh Pakistani soldiers surrendered ).

Pakistan came to be established for the first time when the Arabs led by Muhammad bin Qasim occupied Sindh & Multan in the early years of the eighth century, & established Muslim rule in this part of the south

Asian subcontinent. Pakistan under the Arabs comprised the lower Indus valley

( a textbook of Pakistan studies, compulsory)

Our country is Pakistan. we live in our country. Pakistan is an Islamic country .here Muslim live. Muslims believe in the unity of Allah. they do good deeds. (meri Kitab for class2)

The Hindu has always been an enemy of Islam( class 5th)

As the behest of the government (during the congress rule) Hindu goondas started killing Muslims & burning their property. (social studies, class 8th p 104)

Learning outcome: must be aware of the blessings of jihad (class9th&10th national bureau of the curriculum )

To make speeches on jihad & Shahadat( curriculum document, primary education, p 56)

The Urdu curriculum for the classes 9th &10th ” must love the Islamic world. Must be aware of the blessings of jihad

National bureau of curriculum & textbooks, ministry of education government of Pakistan, Islamabad p. 18

After class 5th the child will be able to

  1. Understand the Hindu &muslim differences & the resultant need for Pakistan.
  2. Acknowledge & identify forces that may be working against Pakistan
  3. Demonstrate, by action a belief in the fear of Allah.
  4. Demonstrate a desire to preserve the ideology, integrity & security of Pakistan.

They all have the same dream to transform the earth into a paradise.It is a different matter that due to this thinking, world is becoming hell, not heaven.

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  1. Nitin, you are so correct and this is excellent information!
    “Let us bleed Israel through jihad so that it can never stand up against the Muslim world. If we do not do so, we will become slaves of America, India, and Israel, and life will be worse than a dog’s life.”
    This is the key to unlocking understanding and recognizing what we sane and free thinking peoples who actually respect the creator God Almighty know to be an abomination of the greatest magnitude and proportions that any human beings could concoct or imagine. These “Jihadists” speak as though they are outside of this human race and earthly world and in fact they do this because the chief culprit to instigate and institute this diabolical mind-set was the false prophet Muhammad back in 632 AD when the heretic said he had his final prophecy from God, telling him that any peoples outside of Islam are infidels and must convert or be put to death! Muslims are putting themselves above God and decided via Muhammad’s madness inspired political ideology that they are to be the only people who have a right to live, and all others must be destroyed, and their believing this is because they now live outside of this world through their twisted hearts and souls serving the dark world of hate and destruction that is ruled by Satan; the price of darkness and father of all lies. This is a huge problem in our modern world and it will not go away until the Muslims are stopped, which is going to be a bloodbath and hell on earth to achieve; as they are a hell-bent people taking their marching orders as I say directly from Satan. We sensible God fearing and loving people must ban together to pray and serve God as we work to maintain what peace we can and perhaps with blessings from God, make some improvements in this dire situation we are facing on earth.
    Thank You, Nitin. Fabulous job and body of work here in your article, so vitally important!

  2. I am very sorry to hear about the religious strife in your country. I love India a lot and hope that these problems can be sorted out. All the best to you, Nitinsingh.

  3. Political unrest has vexed society for thousands of years and will continue to do so until such time when we realize the importance of human life and suffering. A powerfully and exceptionally written piece!

  4. Very detailed information! Thanks.
    The question is- aren’t they spoiling the life of their children and future of their country by asking Students to take the path of jihad and Shahadat?

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