SARDAR PATEL ENEMY NO-1 (Why family, Marxists, Islamic politicians believe this)

“If Kashmir is to be saved by the sword, where is the scope for a plebiscite. we shall not surrender an inch of Kashmir territory”.



   “Who controls the past controls the future who controls the present controls the past”(George Orwell)

Was Patel really anti-Muslim?

Patel was a fierce nationalist. The country’s interest was at the top for Patel. He did not like the “trick” and “diplomatic definition” of nationalism of Nehru, Marxists, Islamic politicians.


In the absence of Gandhi (Hindu Baniya)Subhash Chandra Bose a (donkey of Tojo) .[Marxists used these words for Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose.]

  Patel was an obstacle to Islamic politician, marxists.The only nationalism for Patel was the development of India.

“If Kashmir is to be saved by the sword, where is the scope for a plebiscite. we shall not surrender an inch of Kashmir territory”.

To Indian Muslims, I want to ask only one question . in the recent all India Muslim conference, why did they not open their mouths on the Kashmir issue? why did you not condemn the action of Pakistan? these things create doubts in the mind of people . so as a friend of Muslims, I want to say a word and it is the duty of a good friend to speak frankly. it is your duty now to sail in the same boat and sink are swim together. I want to tell you very frankly that you can not ride on two horses. select one horse whichever you like best .those who want to go to Pakistan can go there and live in peace! let us here in peace to work for ourselves……

6 january 1948

Patel’s political clarity is reflected by these ideas. Patel was also opposed to cooperation in the “United Nations” of “China”. He was also opposed to the moral, immoral (arms) cooperation of the Communist Party of India by China.

He was in favor of forming a committee on India-China relations. Pakistan’s demand started from 1930. The Marxists of India were staunch supporters of the demand of a separate country of the Muslims. The Communist Party of India was formed in the Soviet Union in 1925. The communists had no influence in India’s politics till then. Nehru was a supporter of the leftist group in the Congress. Marxist imperialists (red terrorists) were thinking of expanding their empire since 1919.

The third communist international founded in Moscow in march 1919, set itself “the goal of fighting, by every means, even by force of arms, for the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie and the creation of an international soviet republic”. At the congress of the people of the East, convened at Baku in 1920 to promote colonial revolution ,delegates excitedly waved swords, daggers and revolvers, in the air when Zinoviev called on them to wage a jihad  against imperialism and capitalism .( Even today these methods are prevalent among terrorists) Nehru also went to the Brussels Conference of Communists in 1927, after which he also traveled to the Soviet Union with Motilal. Nehru wrote following about that period “We began a new phase in our struggle for freedom in India at about the same time as the October Revolution led by the Great [Lenin]. We admired Lenin whose example influenced us greatly.”




 In 1921-22, there was a terrible famine in the Soviet Union, millions of people died.The assassin communist government of the Soviet Union was engaged in the black marketing of grain instead of helping the people. How terrible was the situation This can be gauged from the fact that famine victims were eating the flesh of the “dead from famine” in order to live.

Due to non-availability of food grains to farmers, the meat of dead people was being sold in villages.

Due to non-availability of food grains to farmers, the meat of dead people was being sold in villages. God (Lenin)of poor farmers and laborers  who already had a convoy of prized cars was buying the world’s most expensive cars at this time (Lenin is also known for his prized car hobbies and expensive homes). [Surprising] In such a situation, Nehru saw the standard of living of farmers and labourers improving.

The famine of 1932 was even more terrible, in which 70 lakh people died.

 Stalin, now more cruel than Lenin and that killer, was now the new God of the Communists.

Instead of saving India from Marxist imperialism, nehru was busy making fake images of Marxists. Nehru was a smart man.While maintaining the image of peacekeeper in India, he was also a supporter of Marxism (the world’s largest fake& murderous ideology.) Nehru was such a lover of non-violence and  peace  used to call Indian revolutionaries fascist.( The great revolutionary Shachindra Nath Sanyal has mentioned this incident in his memoir). At the same time, in his written books “Glimpses of world History”,(Published1934)“The Discovery of India”(written in 1944,Published in 1946)  the biggest assassins of the century (Lenin, Stalin) have been described as revolutionary. Family relations with the communist government of the Soviet Union remained good even further.

Nehru was against dynastic politics.

Glimpses of world history: ———– “Some old inscriptions from south India tell us how the members of the panchayats were elected, their qualifications and disqualifications. If any member did not render accounts of public funds he was disqualified.  Another very interesting rule seems to have been that near relative of members were disqualified from office. How excellent if this could be enforced now in all our councils and assemblies and municipalities.” (Jawaharlal Nehru).It’s easier to preach than really act .

 But this “Divine Knowledge” does not apply to the family, it was for others.

desire to be leader instead of being hangar of Soviet Union And due to imperialist thinking, soon China too joined the Marxist imperialist race. Just as every terrorist organization is more brutal and bloodthirsty than its previous organization, Mao was more violent and terrible than Lenin and Stalin.( Responsible for killing five crore people.)

After seizing TibetMao’s imperialist attitude of occupying many areas of India blew Nehru’s senses.


                                              HINDI-CHINI BHAI-BHAI

[ not] matter to Mao Nehru, who had lost the country’s land and his honor, had also lost his importance in world politics.But this was just the beginning. Many Marxists had now become Maoists in an attempt to seize power with the help of China.Their only agenda was anti-India and China’s interest.

              “A burning house falls into commotion and tumult.

Thus a thief can seize the chance to loot the property in the house when the doorkeeper and house guards are busily engaged in putting out the fire ……In war,a burning house symbolizes a nation that is suffering a major crises or is in decline . By attacking such a nation, one can get twice the result for half the effort…..”

                                              [The Wiles of War]

          The slogan —-” Kashmir is an inalienable part of India.”No Marxist can support this slogan. The Marxists should express their support in favor of the fighters. carry on the struggle against modern revisionism.” Charu Mazumdar(1965)
Deshabrati prakashani, publishing house of the undivided C.P.I (M.L)

“So it is in the interest of the  reactionary bourgeoisie  of India that India has attacked  Pakistan. The U.S.A imperialist  plan of the world  war is also operating  behind this war . By attacking Pakistan , the ruling class  again wants to create  a tide of bourgeoisie nationalism . But this time it is clear like daylight that India alone is the aggressor. So, as a result of the defeat of the Indian army , The anti government struggle will fast  crystallize among the masses. So Marxists want today that the aggressive Indian army should be defeated. this defeate will create  new mass agitations. Not merely wishing that they should be defeated,. Marxists at the same time  should make efforts so that defeat becomes imminent. In every province of India  agitations should be created  on the lines  the mass agitations in Kashmir is progressing” . (Charu Mazumdar(1965)
Deshabrati prakashani, publishing house of the undivided C.P.I (M.L)
Nobel laureate V.S Naipaul called the Maoist movement as subversive for India and ruined an entire generation.

“Undoubtedly it would have been better if Nehru had been asked to be the foreign minister and Sardar Patel had made the prime minister. Had Sardar Live Longer,had he occupied the position which he rightly deserved perhaps there would have been no problems of Kashmir, Tibet, China and Religious Conflicts.”


               The removal of the gutter cap and the coming out of the truth.

YURI BEZMENOV (Russian spy, K.G.B. Agent) who worked as a journalist in R.I.A. NOVOSTI (Russia’s international news agency) In India, his main work was to give some money and free Russian travel to lure the traitors. And for his work very easily, he got ready a gang of left-wing journalists, writers, artists, rich filmmakers, university teachers, intellectuals (Intellectuals mean to be traitor, or leftist) Many interviews of Yuri Bezmenov are available on YOUTUBE

While living in India, he has explained his and K.G.B’s working system and modalities of some traitors.

The people selling their country had no respect in K.G.B. Yuri Bezmenov used the term “useful idiots and “political prostitution” for them. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Marxist ideology was becoming harder to hide the truth. Marxists had been wiped out in the Soviet Union (Russia) and there black history was in front of everyone. During this time, Western countries got some very important documents and information through “Vasili Mitrokhin” .There was information about the traitors working for Russia around the world. Over the years, its truth was investigated (from 1992 to 1999) And finally, it was found to be extremely useful. These documents were shocking. These documents were later published in the form of books titled Mitrokhin archive.

Mitrokhin also questioned the Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi, about the money transactions and (K.G.B.) role.

The collusion of the family, and the betrayers (useful idiots, “political prostitute” Congress, communist, leftists journalists, bureaucrats, writers, artists, leftists media organizations) had come in front of everyone. How these gangs were bent on selling India in foreign hands, (U.S.S.R, U.K U.S.A—&—&—&). it was going to open the eyes. In 1994 a world-renowned journalist and “Thesis writer on K.G.B YEVGENIA ALBATS” (Wrote Her thesis as a book:THE STATE WITHIN A STATE: THE K.G.B AND ITS HOLD ON RUSSIA-PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE)Referring to the files of KGB in this book, it was told that: a letter signed by viktor chebrikov who replaced Andropov as head of the k.g.b in 1982 noted: the u.s.s.r k.g.b maintains contact with the son of premie- minister[rajiv-gandhi]

R.Gandhi expresses deep gratitude for benefits accruing to the prime minister’s family from the commercial dealings of an Indian firm he controls in corporations with soviet foreign trade organizations. R.Gandhi reports confidentially that a substantial portion of the funds obtained through this channel are used to support the party of. R.Gandhi. (K.G.B archive,f.5,OP.6,,d.i3i,t.i,1,d. 103-104 ).

Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai: An Indian Muslim (American-citizen) was arrested in the United States in 2011 by F.B.I., the court sentenced him guilty. Crime: In America, illegally taking money from Pakistan (I.S.I) and its use was done in the US for lobbying on Kashmir. Fai’s arrest also revealed relations to India.

Crime: In America, illegally taking money from Pakistan (I.S.I) and its use was done in the US for lobbying on Kashmir. Fai’s arrest also revealed relations to India. With the money received from Pakistan, he had assembled a lot of traitors in India. Supporters of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan (Tukdey-tukdey &award wapsi gang) this time these useful idiots & political prostitutes were in the role of the traitors of their new boss Islamist terrorists.

Some prominent names:-

Dileep-Padgaonkar: THE TIMES OF INDIA

At the time of Manmohan Singh, the Government of India was appointed as the negotiator on Kashmir (It was just like dog guarding the bone)

PRAFUL-BIDWAI: Marxist-journalist and social worker were known to write anti-India statements in Pakistan’s I.S.I and Islamic terrorism supported newspapers.

Rajinder Sachar: Former judge, Minority Affairs Wise

Kuldeep Nayar: Marxist journalist, Pakistani-savvy and social worker

Harish Khare:  “THE HINDU”  “Manmohan Singh’s Media Advisor”

Rita Manchanda,Ved Bhasin :Kashmir Times

Harinder-Baweja,:   India today:

Gautam Navlakha: He was arrested by the Maharashtra Police in the conspiracy of killing Prime Minister in 2018

Mirwaiz-Omar-Farooq, Yasin-Malik: separatist leader

Kamal.A.Mitra.Chenoy: Leftist, C.P.I, Aam Aadmi Party

Swami Agnivesh

Magsaysay Award: Sandeep-Pandey

Angana Chatterjee

It was impossible to establish the anti-India industry so deeply rooted in India under Patel. For this reason, the traitorous powers consider Patel as enemy no 1. For those who have been hollowing out the country like a termite for 72 years, Patel’s thoughts are no less than a death warrant. It is very important to crush these sleeve snakes and this will be our true tribute to Patel.


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